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Need to know more about Lablosh – here are some Frequently Asked Questions!

Lablosh LLC is committed to following CDC safety regulations in order to provide a safe and healthy environment to all its guests. These are the new measures:


  • No waiting area available. Guests must wait outside of hair salon. Once Nadia is done with her previous guest, she will text you to welcome you to her waxing room. Guests must access their cellphones often to make sure they do not miss any updates.
  • In location pre-waxing preparation. Once guest is told to come in, she/he must wash their hands in bathroom located downstairs or use hand sanitizer. Then, guest must wait in waiting area (chair) while Nadia finishes sanitizing and disinfecting the waxing room. Once Nadia is ready, she will greet you and ask you to enter waxing room.
  • By appointment only. Lablosh LLC will continue providing “by appointment only” services as usual. No walk-ins.
  • Non-essential visitors. Guests cannot come accompanied by family or friends. Only the person getting services done can come into the hair salon.


  • Disposable masks. Lablosh LLC will provide all guests with disposable masks if needed, at no additional cost.
  • Uniform. Nadia will wear a clean uniform, mask, gloves, and face shield when providing services directly to her guests.
  • Access to hair salon/waxing room. Guests must wear a mask or face covering to enter the hair salon and waxing room. No exceptions.


  • CDC and DOH requirements. Lablosh LLC will continue providing the highest level of sanitation and disinfection as usual, which goes hand and hand with CDC and DOH requirements.
  • Hand sanitizer and hand soap available. Guests will have access to hand soap as well as hand sanitizer at all times.
  • Workstation and tools. Nadia will clean and disinfect waxing table, furniture, tweezers, scissors and all other tools after each and every guest, as usual.
  • Cleaning breaks. Many time slots will be blocked during the day to allow the necessary time to keep all areas clean and disinfected.
  • No food or beverages allowed. No food or beverages will be allowed within the waxing room, with water as the one exception.


  • Cancellation policy. Guests must cancel their appointments if they develop any symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, breathing difficulties,etc… No cancellation fees.


  • Bi-weekly testing. Nadia will get tested for COVID-19 bi-weekly as required by NYS. First test will be taken a week prior to opening.
  • Guests’ health screening. A text will be sent within 24hrs. before appointment asking for possible symptoms related to COVID-19.

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No other individual can be present during any waxing treatments. It’s all about safety.

We recommend that you gently exfoliate the areas to be waxed 24 hours before your appointment so that you remove layers of dead cells, assuring better waxing results.

Kindly, we ask you to take care of your personal hygiene to prevent discomfort.

We are not able to estimate the approximate time for a waxing treatment since each one is very unique.

Everyone has a different tolerance to pain. However, Nadia will always make sure that you get the best experience possible. She has designed the best techniques to assure the least painful results.

To ensure the most luxurious waxing treatments, Nadia will prepare your skin with a high quality pre-wax cleanser and pre-wax oil to make sure that your skin is clean and protected.

After the wax, Nadia will apply our amazing post-waxing antiseptic cooling gel to refresh and sooth the skin.

You should wait at least one week before you get a facial waxing treatment.

Sure, you can! However, you may feel more uncomfortable due to the hormonal changes your body is going through. We recommend that you try our prenatal brazilian wax!

Yes, you can but you must wear a tampon. And, remember that you may feel more sensitive to pain.

No. We recommend you to wait until your skin is fully healed.

A Bikini Line is the most basic type of bikini. We remove 3” from the sides of the panty line and up to 2” across the top. It is ideal for those young ladies who have just started to get waxed, or for anyone who just wants to feel clean but natural.

A Bikini French is the next type of bikini wax. We remove as much as you want from the front. The butt strip is not included. You can choose to leave a strip if you want to.

A Bikini Brazilian is the most daring bikini wax. We remove everything from the front and the butt strip as well. You can choose to leave a strip if you want to.

You could add a stomach strip, but cheeks, and/or a inner thigh waxing treatment if you think you would like to remove the little hairs that grow around the belly button, right at the bottom of the butt cheeks, and/or along the inner thigh.

Yes, we do! Refer to waxing treatments page to see a full list of the treatments we offer for men.

A Bikini Line is the most basic type of bikini. We remove 3” from the sides of the panty line and up to 2” across the top. It is ideal for those young men who have just started to get waxed, or for anyone who just wants to feel clean but natural.

A Mankini is the next type of bikini wax. We remove as much as you want from the sides and the top, and the butt strip. Does not include genital area. You can choose to leave a strip if you want to.

Unfortunately, we do not offer Bikini Brazilian for men.

Your body hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long to expect smooth waxing results.

If you have diabetes or take blood thinners you should get your doctor’s approval before waxing.

If you are pregnant, taking hormone replacement medication, birth control, or antibiotics you will be more sensitive to the effects of waxing and should consult with a doctor before booking a waxing appointment.

Try to avoid waxing approximately 4 days before and after your cycle.

Limit your caffeine intake on the day of your wax as this can stimulate the nervous system.

We recommend not to wax less than 6 to 8 weeks from the time you delivered your new born since your body is healing during that time.

You should not book a waxing appointment if any of the following conditions are present:
• If you are taking Accutane or has within a year of the Service
• If you are taking prescription medication for acne
• If you have been exposed to direct sunlight or have been to a tanning salon within 24 hours of the appointment, or if you have had a facial within 24 hours of the appointment
• If you are receiving any type of cancer treatment, chemotherapy, or radiation
• If you have lupus
• If you use Retina-A

You can NOT book a waxing appointment if you weight 400 pounds or more due to safety instructions provided from the waxing table manufacturer.

We are very meticulous when it comes to hygiene and sanitation. We only use approved EPA disinfectants and we NEVER double dip.

After lots of research, we have found the perfect stripless wax for sensitive skin made in France.

Read our How It Works where you will find all the information you need in order to book an appointment.

If you are 18 years old or younger you must have your parent’s authorization.

No, gratuity is not included. However, it is highly appreciated!

We believe that both your time and our time are very important. When an appointment is missed or cancelled on short notice, we missed the opportunity to accommodate someone else.

While we don’t wish to charge you if you cancel or don’t show to your appointment, we ask you to be courteous and let as know as soon as possible. If appt is a no show or rescheduled within 12 hours before appt, the appt will be marked as no show. After 3 no shoes, appts will have to be prepaid. This way we will not be rushed or not utilizing an appointment time when another client would have liked to book a service.

One of our goals is to be reliable to all of our guests, respecting both your time and our time. If you run late for your appointment, it will affect our next appointments. If you are late, we will try our best to accommodate you, however after 8min late we may not be able to finish all services.

Log in into your booking account and choose to cancel an appointment or look for the link in your confirmation e-mail.

Yes, because we know that everyone would love a gift like this! Click the Book Appointment button and select the option for gift certificates.