New Prenatal Bikini Waxing

Lablosh Flyer Promotional prenatal 2

Pregnancy is an amazing experience. Unfortunately, some side effects can make it uncomfortable at times. After waxing pregnant women for many years, I finally developed a unique “Prenatal Bikini Waxing” treatment designed to help pregnant women feel clean and neat during their pregnancy, diminishing the discomfort caused by itchiness, vaginal discharge, frequent urination, swelling, increased hair growth, thickening of pubic hair, etc.

While designing this innovative treatment I wanted to make sure that every pregnant women felt comfortable and safe while getting a bikini wax. In order to achieve that, I went above and beyond to find the best prenatal equipment to alleviate any discomfort, specially in the lumbar area. Additionally, I only selected products specially formulated for extra sensitive skin and safe to use during pregnancy. Moreover, I studied different approaches and came up with the best method for sensitive skin.

I invite all of you to check our Prenatal Waxing page to learn more about this amazing treatment!

Lots of love from one Lablosh doll to another 🙂


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