prenatal waxing

Exclusive prenatal bikini waxing treatment designed for all women!

Only waxing company
that specializes in Prenatal Waxing

Nadia believes in the importance of offering waxing treatments exclusively designed for women during pregnancy. After years of experience in the spa industry, she noticed a lack of expertise when it comes to prenatal waxing as well as a disregard for proper disinfection of tools and equipment. Resulting in women avoiding their visits to the spa.

Nadia designed an exclusive prenatal bikini waxing package built for those pregnant women that look for an outstanding waxing treatment where hygiene and safety are priorities.

For Pregnant Women 28 weeks & up.

Every treatment offered by us is meticulously designed to assure the most luxurious waxing experience. When it comes to prenatal waxing, we take it to next level.

  • Unique equipment designed for pregnant women to assure excellent comfort during the treatments. Includes specially designed pregnancy cushion made out the highest quality foam to avoid discomfort.
  • Double the time we use for regular bikini waxes so that you don’t feel rushed.
  • Provides a safe environment for you and your baby by combining the use of hospital grade disinfectants, no double dipping, and non recycled wax.
  • A unique waxing technique specially developed by Nadia to reduce the amount of pain dramatically. During pregnancy, our hair tends to grow darker and coarser due to the hormonal changes our body is going through. Moreover, as your belly continues to grow, it becomes more difficult to reach certain areas. A virtually painless technique performed with hard wax made with jojoba oil and other user-friendly ingredients assuring less redness and swelling of the treated area.

If pregnant for less than 28 weeks, book brazilian wax instead.

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