Waxing vs. Shaving


Waxing has become increasingly popular over the last decade. People are choosing waxing over shaving, but why? Let’s take a look at the main reasons.

Waxing helps reduce the chances of getting ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are one of the most embarrassing things I have ever experienced. Not only they look kind of unpleasant but, they also hurt…a lot! Ingrown hairs are hairs that have curled around and grown back into your skin instead of rising up from it. Hair that is cut short and close to the skin creates a sharp tip that can more easily pierce the skin to cause an ingrown hair. That is why, shaving is one of the major causes for ingrown hairs or razor bumps. On the contrary, waxing removes the entire hair from the follicle which makes it grow finer and softer every time, therefore reducing the chances of getting ingrown hairs.

Waxing lasts way longer than shaving. Waxing removes the hair from the root, weakening the hair follicle, furthermore making it grow slower. As you keep waxing, hairs start growing sparser which also makes your skin look and feel much smoother. Additionally, slower hair growth reduces the chances of feeling itchiness as well as the chances of getting skin irritation. On the other hand, shaved hair grows almost instantly. As a matter of fact, it does not even get removed. Shaving will never leave your skin feeling smooth because when you shave you cannot get rid of the sharp tips that not only make your skin scratchy, but irritated as well.

Waxing removes the hair in a way that no other non-permanent method can. Waxing is not a permanent solution for hair removal, however it is the closest one and way more affordable. If you wax repeatedly over a period of time, your hair growth will slow down. Moreover, waxing will make your hairs softer to the touch. Oppositely, shaving not only will not remove your hair, but it will make it grow thicker and coarser. After shaving for a while, your skin will get pigmented spots, and it will start breaking out more often. Furthermore, giving you an additional problem more than a solution.

In conclusion, shaving is a temporary solution for a permanent problem. While shaving will cause more irritation and skin pigmentation, waxing will bring you smoothness and health to your skin. Choose Lablosh for your next waxing treatment and I promise you that you will not want to use a razor ever again.

Lots of love from one Lablosh doll to another 🙂


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